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It contains natural Astaxanthin, which its antioxidant effectiveness is proven by Japanese Developing Team. It can be found in biosphere, which contain richly in seafood and algae.

Anti-oxidant ability is: 6000 times than Vitamin C, 1000 times than Vitamin E, 800 times than Co-Q10, 700 times than Anthocyanidin.

Four reactive elements

Red Marine Algae Extract


Phytoplacenta stimulates skin cells’ metabolism and promotes cells’ renewal to keep skin nourish and firm. It contains vast of Proteoglycans which can improve skin elasticity and anti-wrinkles.

Trace Elements

Trace elements: Zinc, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium & Manganese.

Zinc can avert from dermatitis, Calcium can avert from allergy, Iron can keep metabolism, Magnesium can keep skin nourishes, Manganese can make regeneration of skin.

EGF(Epidermal growth factor)

EGF stimulates cell growth, cellular senescence inhibited gene, make skin keep the best physiological conditions. Test Oxygraph Technique, it shows more 20% Marine EM can improve 71% the oxygen content of cell, improve cell metabolism and increase the storage of cellular capacity.

Marine Enzyme

Enzyme is a special bioactive materials. It can repair cellular make skin cell metabolism. Strong effects of antibacterial, clean, clarify, anti-inflammatory, reactivations and regenerations.

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